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That Friday feeling…

It is definitely Friday again and my day off but this was the scene in the kitchen that awaited me this morning!  It seems that on my day off I have been voted the chief washer upper without even realising.  Everyone else had eaten breakfast and made sandwiches and then gone to work leaving their mess behind.

The fridge was also in a bit of a muddle after a busy week.

But a few focused minutes sorted this out.

After sorting out the fridge in the kitchen I went on to clear out my other larder fridge that is in our laundry room and holds our fruit and veg.  This is the left overs from the week and I need to think of a recipe that will use up all the items in the picture for our evening meal tonight and lunch tomorrow.

I have four Little Gem Lettuces, a few button Mushrooms, 2 Tomatoes, 1 courgette, 1 yellow and 1 red Pepper, a bag and a half of carrots, a head of celery, 1 sweet potatoe, a bunch of Rhubarb and a Bramley cooking apple.  In addition I have a bag of potatoes and a few onions.

In my store cupboard I have red lentils and cans of green lentils and beans.  I also have eggs, nuts, tins of tomatoes and of course pasta.

So any of you foodies out there got any good ideas?  Any suggestions welcome.

Just one more thing – well done Patak’s for your smaller sized jar of Korma Paste.  I have always had to buy the larger size but then sometimes it goes out of date before I can use it all like the one on the left that I have just found in the back of the fridge. This 4 serving version on the right which I found whilst in Scotland is just enough for two meals for us and will not be wasted.

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