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Just a perfect day

On Saturday we had a lovely day out in Shrewsbury the weather being unusually dry and sunny after a week of never-ending rain although there was still that nip in the air.

A view of the Dingle in the park

We had lunch in the Good Life in Barracks Passage off Wyle Cop – one of our favourite vegetarian restaurants which we first discovered in the early seventies and their varied menu and quality of food is as good now as then.  If you like vegetarian food and are keen to try things like Nutloaf (the walnut and rice is the best) accompanied with a whole range of different salads then I can recommend this place.  I don’t have a picture although you can Google Image it and this is their website address –

Afterwards we visited my mother in law in her care home and had a lovely day together.  Before we set off for home we had a browse in Paperchase and Vinegar Hill and then found an independent stationery store called Write Here on the high street – find them at

Browsing amongst  the cards and stationery products, which is one of my favourite pursuits, I suddenly came across and fell in love with my new purchase – let me introduce you to the Lamy Logo.

When I went into the shop I didn’t even know I wanted a fountain pen but in the end I couldn’t bear to leave without one!  I would normally prefer the finer nibs but after being able to test drive a medium, a fine and an ultra fine I settled on the medium as this was the one that allowed the ink to flow on the page and didn’t feel scratchy.  The sales person  had the patience of a saint as I tried to decide between the selection of finishes, nibs and ink colour – it was already 5.30 on Saturday afternoon but he was as attentive as if I was his first customer and nothing was too much trouble.  So thank you very much Mr Write Here – I hope I didn’t make you too late for your tea and by the way if you didn’t realise before I absolutely l o v e my new Lamy it fits perfectly into my filofax pen holder. Ink pens are so much nicer than ball point or gel pens and I am convinced I make better notes!

Just a perfect end to a lovely day.


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