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Getting back to ORDER…didn’t I do well!

Did I manage to get all my tasks done ?  Well I don’t think I have done too badly and in fact I am quite pleased with myself but I reckon it will take another week or two to get really on top of things again by which time we may be going away again.

Household Management and Maintenance

  •        Clear dishes each day and shine sink
  •        Putting things away in each room – most rooms done
  •        Empty bins and deal with re-cycling
  •        Clean basin and toilets  – both bathrooms
  •        Clean shower
  •        Sweep and wash kitchen, laundry and shower room floors
  •        Sort laundry
  •        Wash different selection each day
  •        Iron for 30 minutes each day this coming week – nope ironing pile still there!
  •        Put laundry away when aired – will do this once ironed
  •        Make a Menu plan for coming week
  •        Shopping list
  •        Shopping for week
  •        Check appointments for week
  •        Rearrange any if necessary
  •        Look at master task list and then make a weekly task list

 Financial and Money Management

  •        Sort and enter receipts – still waiting in the drawer
  •        Balance statements – can’t do this until receipts are entered
  •        Online banking tasks
  •        Print out mortgage statements for March
  •        Deal with any urgent matters
  •        Attend to letters – must get these done
  •        List of cards and presents required for the month
  •        Sort through miscellaneous pile accumulated –piles still there last time I looked!

Health and Self Management and Wellbeing

  •        Continue to use up old products not replacing
  •        Plan healthy lunches for coming week
  •        Shop for items
  •        Arrange repeat prescription from Doctors
  •        Check on supplements to take – I need to make a plan for when to take all the supplements I have – before/after meals and how many times a day and stick it to the kitchen cupboard.


  •        Tidying up desk and surrounding space – I had a quick tidy but it needs organising a bit more yet when I have more time.
  •        Make a task list of all matters outstanding
  •        Deal with any urgent matters
  •        Answer requests outstanding – I have made a start on this
  •        Delete unwanted emails accumulated – I have deleted about 50 so far

Special Project this Week – Daughters Birthday on Thursday

  •       Select and buy card
  •       Shop for a couple of small presents
  •       Write cheque and make decorative holder – must do tonight
  •       Make birthday Cupcakes – Tuesday evening
  •       Buy decorations for cupcakes
  •       Plan special tea for Thursday

Being able to refer to this list has been useful and has helped clarify exactly what I need to do this week to get myself and the house more organised.  It has prevented me from getting sidetracked and doing tasks that are not useful at this stage.  By completing some tasks daily from each section I am crossing things off the list quite quickly and both the important tasks (such as doing things for my daughter’s birthday) and the re-ordering tasks (such as put in some washing each day) are being covered.

Looking over the items that remain it is obvious that some of these tasks like ‘enter receipts’ are more of a project than a task due to the quantity waiting to be done and I may have to break these down into smaller activities like ‘enter receipts for first week in April’ then the second week and so on in a similar way to how I have tackled the laundry build up.

All in all not a bad weeks work but I am looking forward to my day off on Friday when I can really make an improvement.  I think it will be a difficult choice between the ironing pile and the receipts backlog. I don’t think the miscellaneous pile of papers stands a chance of getting done!

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