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All good things come to an end…

It is indeed a sad day today – I am totally bereft and inconsolable as I have been told that the Muji store in Leeds City centre has closed down.  It was one of my favourite places and as they have so few stores in England outside London I couldn’t believe my luck that we had one of them almost on my doorstep.  It was a real treat to go and have a leisurely wander round the store and stock up on some useful storage items.

MUJI logo

My nearest store now will be over in the Trafford Centre – a much smaller affair based in Selfridges or I will have to order things online but nothing can beat the pleasure I got from just browsing in their shop, taking hours over choosing exactly the right container!  I love the simplicity of their design and the monotone look that fits in with any decor. Oh sad, sad day.

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