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Getting back to ORDER…(once again)

After being away for four weekends in a row the house is back in the usual chaotic state it seems to prefer and there is a constant battle going on between myself and the house to get it back into ORDER.

To correspond with the sections in my Filofax these are the areas I have divided my life, goals and tasks into and under each of the headings are the minimum amount of tasks I need to complete in the coming week to get back on track.  It is also a list that I  can use again in the future should the same situation arise – which it no doubt will.

If I can get all these tasks done by the end of the week I should find myself more up to date.

Household Management and Maintenance

  •        Clear dishes each day and shine sink
  •        Putting things away in each room
  •        Empty bins and deal with re-cycling
  •        Clean basin and toilets  – both bathrooms
  •        Clean shower
  •        Sweep and wash kitchen, laundry and shower room floors
  •        Sort laundry
  •        Wash different selection each day
  •        Iron for 30 minutes each day this coming week
  •        Put laundry away when aired
  •        Make a Menu plan for coming week
  •        Shopping list
  •        Shopping for week
  •        Check appointments for week
  •        Rearrange any if necessary
  •        Look at master task list and then make a weekly task list

 Financial and Money Management

  •        Sort and enter receipts
  •        Balance statements
  •        Online banking tasks
  •        Print out mortgage statements for March
  •        Deal with any urgent matters
  •        Attend to letters
  •        List of cards and presents required for the month
  •        Sort through miscellaneous pile accumulated

Health and Self Management and Wellbeing

  •        Continue to use up old products not replacing
  •        Plan healthy lunches for coming week
  •        Shop for items
  •        Arrange repeat prescription from Doctors
  •        Check on supplements to take


  •        Tidying up desk and surrounding space
  •        Make a task list of all matters outstanding
  •        Deal with any urgent matters
  •        Answer requests outstanding
  •        Delete unwanted emails accumulated

Special Project this Week – Daughters Birthday on Thursday

  • Select and buy card
  • Shop for a couple of small presents
  • Write cheque and make decorative holder
  • Make birthday Cupcakes – Tuesday evening
  • Buy decorations for cupcakes
  • Plan special tea for Thursday

Before you go I would love to hear from you...

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