beach cottage, bEAching, fEAsible, taking stock

I’m back…

Back from our Easter break and back to the usual chaos I know and love (not)!  We had a busy fortnight  – and perhaps I should mention at this point that we were not really on holiday as such but working on renovating our cottage we call the ‘beach house’ with a 3/4 acre garden by the sea in South West Scotland and believe me I think re-building would have been the quicker and cheaper option!  We bought the place in 2004 and it is a bit of a 10 year project that may even extend into a 15 year project!  Stay tuned and one day soon I might just get to upload some pictures of our efforts so far.

But back once more to my daily routine at home – it always takes me a day or two to adjust back to my different surroundings and I often wake up forgetting which house I am in.  We arrived home in the early hours of Sunday morning and slept in until about 10am then we had a leisurely breakfast and lunch and went off to the local supermarket to stock up with food – with no menu plan and a rather skeleton list and a poor memory of what was already in the cupboards I managed to run up a bill of £90!  This morning – Monday – it was back to work again with all the problems I have there.

I cannot believe that we are midway through April and because we went away on the 1st I do not have a task list prepared so I feel quite out of touch with what I should be doing which probably suggests that my Master Task list works for me.  I must admit the budget is non-existent and the house a mess with laundry, ironing and part unpacked bags everywhere.  I need a plan to pull everything round again as quickly as I can and this must begin with me compiling a task list for what is left of April.  I did exceptionally well with my March list and was quite pleased with myself.  Somehow I will have to try to find a way of keeping the continuity going at home when we are away quite a lot of the time.   One good thing – I have worked so many late nights recently that I will get a nice bit of overtime with my next  pay slip.  I must try to resist giving myself a treat and use it to build up some reserve funds again.

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