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A rollercoaster week

Most things have ground to a halt at the moment since my return to work – even posting on my blog as you may have noticed.  Last Monday the start of my first week back at work one of my colleagues had to go home due to family illness and hasn’t been back since, then last Friday my other colleague was suddenly diagnosed with cancer and had to begin chemotherapy yesterday so she may not be back for very long. I am still in shock over this news and quite upset not to mention the worry of being a one person department trying to keep up to all the work by myself and I had planned to go on holiday for 2 weeks over Easter!

On the good news side the wedding went very well and what a gorgeous sunny day for March – we had drinks and canapes in the garden after the ceremony.  We danced until the small hours although it was very unfortunate that the wedding weekend collided with the changing of the clocks as I could have done with an extra hour in bed the next morning.  My sister and her two bridesmaids looked beautiful, my own outfit with hat and even the flat shoes worked well and it was good to catch up with family members who live away.

So now I need to think about packing once again and get myself organised.  Our meals since the weekend have been reduced to ready meals due to shortage of time and I also have to report that despite all my good intentions I gave in to temptation in Sainsbury’s tonight and bought two extra magazines to cheer myself up as it has been a very stressful week so far.  The shopping came to £102 (the worst total to date since the start of the year) but included two craft magazines £7.99 and £4.99 which had lots of card making bits and hopefully I can use these to make some Easter cards before Friday.

I can only try to keep going as best I can until Friday now when I can hopefully take stock again on my day off.

I have certainly hit the ground running at the moment.

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