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Back to normal – eat, sleep and work

Reality sinking in now that I am back at work full-time – well almost – I work four full days and have Fridays off to give me a long weekend.  I am already finding it difficult to shower and get ready for work, eat breakfast, take supplements, make my lunch to take with me, tidy the bedroom a little, make our bed and be out of the door on time at about 8am.  The dishes at the moment have to be dumped in the bowl with hot water and washing up liquid ready to do when I return home.  Not good I know but to be able to do these I would need to get up another 15 minutes earlier – so I am working on this one.  I already get up about 6.30 on a good day but I know it would be hard to make that 6.15am – maybe not too bad in the summer when it is light sunny mornings.  As for the possibility of trying to fit in some Yoga exercises – forget it!

I start work at 8.30am with a 30 minute lunch break and finish at 4pm.  After work I had a few items to buy in town – a small brush for my travel case, a new smart case for my reading glasses and I couldn’t resist a pack of the cutest tiny scalloped edged blank cards that I think may be suitable for making my Easter cards (a bargain at £1.99 for 20 by Papermania).  By the time I got home and cooked the tea I was cream crackered but I am sure I will get used to working again fairly quickly it just means everything else at home takes longer to get done as I don’t have as much free time.  Fridays will once again become my frantic ‘try to get everything done’ day where I tear round the house like some frenzied mad woman trying to keep it all clean and tidy and under control.

Better go and get to bed now to

a) get my beauty sleep and

b) be up on time to go through it all again tomorrow.

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