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Shop till you drop day


It is the wedding next weekend and although I have my outfit and hat I have not been so lucky with the shoes.  So off to town we went and spent all afternoon in one shoe shop or another.   The problem isn’t that I couldn’t find any I liked there were plenty… but I have a problem with the ball of my feet called Metatarsal pain and I mean pain.  Heels are definitely out but how does a girl make an outfit look elegant and dressy in flats?   Not only flat but ideally ones with a wide rounded toe and thick soles.  At last just before closing I found a pair of black patent ballerina pumps with bow and with my new gel insole inserts from the Scholl shop I might just be able to get by.  All I can say is it is a good job I am not the one who has to walk down the aisle next Saturday as it might be more of a hobble.

Fancy Shoe Store

After a reviving hot choc drink in Costa and a slice of Tiffin (which of course I now regret – not the taste but the calories) and a rest for my aching feet we then headed off to Sainsbury’s to do the weekly shop.  I took advantage of one or two offers on things we normally buy which made the total spend a mighty £93…quite a bit higher than normal although it did include a box of red wine to indulge a long-suffering husband (whose feet also aching by this time!).  I also bought a few Easter decorations – the mini eggs and sprinkles kind as I hope to make everyone a small egg or decorated mini loaf or cupcakes.  I am waiting for inspiration.  I have an idea for my Easter cards but may not have the time to make them now I am back at work and busy all next weekend.

Tomorrow I must try on the whole wedding ensemble and make sure it all looks OK.  I can feel another shopping trip coming on for those little extras when I find my tights are not quite the right shade and the jewellery I have does not really go with the look.  Oh and did I mention the Hotel has a spa – will definitely need a new cossy.

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