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I’m pretty impressed

My first day back at work yesterday and I felt a bit like the new kid on the block.  I felt I had almost forgotten how to do my job – but like riding a bike or driving a car you never really forget and once I got going again everything fell into place.

I must say that I was pretty impressed with myself after my good talking to the other day and I managed to get myself prepared for work the night before and everything went like clockwork and even better I managed a whole day at work without spending a penny.  I had taken a healthy lunch and snacks and after finishing on time I even avoided the temptation to sneak down to the shops or pop into Sainsbury’s and hover around the magazine section.

I was extremely tired when I got home and tea was a homemade and made up version of a Vegetarian Bolognese with Tacos rather than spaghetti.  I have found having a meal plan is very helpful and I must get back to trying to use up the store cupboard items especially as our bank balance remains quite low.  Since Christmas I have not been able to replenish the extra cash we had in there probably because I have spent quite a bit on organising items which do seem to come expensive.

I have been hunting for a plastic box or two to contain the extra wine glasses I have in case of a party.  I cannot keep them with the usual glasses in my cabinet as there are too many and I don’t want to get rid of them because in the event of a party they are so useful.  I have a space at the back of my corner cupboard – one of those spaces that you have to be a contortionists to get into and cannot keep anything in there that is used with any frequency.  So far the glasses have been stored in two cardboard boxes but I prefer to see the contents to remind me they are there so I have bought 2 different sized plastic storage boxes so far but was not very excited by the fit of either (I am far to much of a neat freak to hve just any old box –  I have to have the most perfect one) and then yesterday I tried out the most recent purchase of a Really Useful Box which is shallow and stackable from Rymans and BINGO I think this is the one although far more expensive than I wanted to pay!  My dilemma now is do I return the other boxes to the shops for a refund or use them for something else?

I was pleased though that our grocery bills are quite a bit lower and of course I am saving on the cost of extra magazines.  January we spent a total of £177.93 on groceries, cleaning products, toiletries and magazines – which I collectively call Housekeeping and Food an average of £45 each week for four of us (at the moment as my daughter and her partner are staying with us).  In February we spent a total of £340.34 an average of £85 each week.

The January bill was much lower because we had quite a bit of food left over from the Christmas period in the cupboards and freezer.  In February I also took advantage of the 3 for 2 offers on toiletries and used some of the coupons I had collected.  I do need to sit down and set a proper realistic budget for the Housekeeping and Food but that will have to be another day as at the moment the decluttering and organising and Big Spring Cleanup is taking priority.

Today I am preparing ahead for my sister’s wedding next weekend – did I just say that? – you see I am getting the hang of this preparation – normally I would have done this next Friday before we set off.  I have been packing my toiletries bag and labelling pots and jars.I have a few travel sized products that I have bought specially such as the deodorant and mousse but other items I decant from my usual larger size into travel pots and bottles.

I love these small pots that I have saved and washed after using the previous contents.  They are from the Boots Botanics range and contained different Body Butters.  Unfortunately you can only buy them in a set of three now rather than singularly as before but I did discover the same pots being used for the Boots Vitamin E moisturiser in their travel section.

These are two new products that I have bought in Boots to try – my hair tends to go quite soft and flat as it is very fine and I need a little bit of lift – what a shame there isn’t the same thing for my sagging skin!

And here we are all put together in a neat little hold all which was a present from my mum.  I haven’t used it before so will see how useful it is at the weekend.  I have still a few items to add to the bag but at least I have made a start.

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