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‘Home’ wasn’t built in a day

This is my last week at home before I return to work after almost 3 month sick leave and I would have liked to report that everything is sorted and ordered but alas it is still a work in progress.  However, on the bright side I feel I have got a lot of the rooms in my house in better shape and after the mammoth decluttering I love the extra space I have uncovered in my drawers and cupboards and it was worth saying goodbye to a lot of the stuff.  ‘Stuff’ weighs you down.  I will be trying harder in the future not to accumulate the ‘stuff’ in the first place.

Yesterday I went to town and bought the final two plastic storage boxes for my craft cupboard so this is now complete.  I may decide to buy some more slide storage drawers to replace the round cassettes but I will decide this when I go through all the slides (and that is a project in itself for another day).

My paperwork is going well – I have almost no outstanding issues appart from that dreaded ‘ING’ account which I must close – it keeps lingering on my list as if to keep reminding me that I have still a long way to go in my quest for Order.

I am also gaining ground with my Health and Self tasks – I spent a little time and money in Boots yesterday – a new foundation cream (Boots No7 using my £5 coupon) and some Vitamin E cream.  I have also treated myself to some new underwear from M&S and a dress from Wallis.  Tomorrow I have my hair done and next week I am going for a Wellness check at Sainsbury’s (Cholesterol etc).  Unfortunately I have just missed the free Flora Cholesterol check that I had last year but I don’t mind the £9 charge if it gives me peace of mind and I get to know if I have managed to reduce the level from last year.

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