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Money Matters

On the budget side I am doing very well and spending very little during the week which is helping to rebalance my account after the heavy Christmas period.

I am continuing to shop at home in my cupboards – I haven’t bought a single hand wash since December thanks to the many I received as presents.  My only problem is I will never use all the matching hand cream.  I have been able to use tokens to buy as much as possible to restock things I have genuinely run out of and need and made use of any reward points and vouchers I have collected.

We continue to wade through the mountain of biscuits and chocolates received at Christmas and needless to say these items will not be replaced when gone as I expect we will be on a diet!

I watched Superscrimpers on TV the other night and tried one of the suggestions for getting the remains of the cream out of a tube and I have to say that a) it does work and b) I was shocked at how much cream remains in these tubes even after I have done everything to squeeze out the very last drop.  If you didn’t see the programme – basically you cut the end off the tube about 2/3rds down so that you can access the inside easily and then use this section as the lid…simples!

Before and after

During the rest of February and the beginning of March I aim to do a big Spring Clean of the house and use up the box full of cleaners that I have acquired since clearing out my mum in law’s house and this should free up some much-needed cupboard space.  Although I tend to use Ecover or green products I could not bear to throw away so many unused or partly used cleaners as it seemed such a waste even if they are not very environmentally friendly.  My house should certainly sparkle when I have finished.

Not surprisingly I have spent quite a bit on storage and organising products this month but mainly so that I can continue decluttering and re-organising my office / craft room and get it finished as soon as possible while I have the momentum and time.  Most of the things I have bought have been from Muji or Partners but disappointingly neither store have had sales or offers on the items I have wanted.

However, I was thrilled to find that the Muji drawer organiser trays that I bought, which come in different widths, fit my Ikea Alex drawer unit perfectly and even though it seems quite an extravagance to fit out a whole drawer at once I am thinking of it as a long-term investment as not only do they look good but are extremely versatile.

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