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A day of reckoning


I began this week with £6.70 and today I still have £6.70!  So I have managed to go a total of 4 days without spending any money.  Zilch. This may have something to do with the fact that I have not left the house as I have been working at home.  My lunches have all been created from food in the fridge which we bought at the weekend or using up leftovers and I haven’t been tempted to buy anything as I haven’t been near the shops.  I feel sure that had I been in a shop –  any shop –  I would have found something I ‘needed’ to buy.

It will be interesting to see how long I can hold onto my £6.70.  Usually I would withdraw £30 cash at the beginning of the week to cover my lunches and bits of shopping and any incidentals which I find always add up to quite an amount.

The coin ‘jars’ above hold the contents of my purse clear out at the end of each week.  I hold onto everything but 1p, 2p, and 5p coins which go into the above pots and when full I bag these up and eventually take them to the bank.  I usually give this money to those disaster appeals that seem to come round all to often these days or I would exchange it at the bank and give it to my favourite charities.  Looking at the difference between the two pots it looks as though I rarely have many 5p coins given back in change.  Perhaps this is because more things are 99p rather than 95p.

I am trying to cook from scratch each day at the moment and not use any ready-made additions.  As we are both vegetarians I find it hard to find suitable ready meals anyway and we usually end up with a Quiche or pie to go with vegetables or salad.  Sainsbury’s have recently stopped making their Vegetable Curry so I am back to making my own again and it does take longer to make – even using a ready-made curry paste.  We do not use any meat substitutes as it is the texture of meat that we particularly do not like! We much prefer meals made from lentils, beans and nuts for our protein but they can take a lot longer to prepare.  Tonight I will be using a recipe for tea which is a great favourite, both economical and very versatile – Cheese and Leek Ramekins.  We will have them hot tonight and then if I make extra we can have cold for lunch tomorrow with salad.  They are great for the lunch box as they travel well and are packed full of protein.  Hopefully, pictures tomorrow with recipe.

2 thoughts on “A day of reckoning”

  1. It does feel great to not spend any pennies throughout the week but it is so hard! We put leftover coppers and silvers into one of those big whisky bottles and we also have a jar for £1 coins which we put coins into on the rare occasion there are spare pounds!

    I’m a vegetarian too but a fussy one and Dave is a wheat intolerant meat eater so we very rarely eat the same meals which is often a pain as it means double the number of pans an such! I’m slowly expanding my own list of ‘things I will eat’ so I live in hope that in the not to distant future I’ll be able to eat a wider range and we’ll be able to share meals!


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