Where the journey takes me – will I be surprised?

I have found my way back to post on this blog and just like everything in life familiarity feels safe and second time around feels easier. As with all the new technology in our lives I will no doubt be exploring the different options available to me on this site very soon – so all I can say is watch this space and perhaps a photo may appear!

Yesterday and today I have been steadily packing away the Christmas things as my energy allows and quietly putting things back into order.  As I lovingly wrap all my treasured Christmas decorations between the layers of tissue and place them back into the storage boxes I have had time to ponder on my new key word for this year.  I began using a focus word two years ago after noticing something similar on a blog site.  Last years word being PROGRESS as there were many things in our lives that did indeed need to be moved on.  I can say that we did progress all the outstanding matters, such as clearing out and selling my mum in law’s house (and a few legal and financial issues arising) and now all that is left is the filing.  Having got those major activities out of the way (phew!) I feel that I can now draw a line and begin to look at the tasks that need to be done on our own house as it is looking very tired through a few years of neglect when our time has been required elsewhere.

Having had such a busy year last year coming and going most weekends or was that going and coming –  I now feel I want to put my own life in order and I mean all aspects from my house and garden to our budget and shopping and most important our social and leisure time and for that reason my chosen word this year is ORDER.

My initial aim is to have a good declutter and put the house in Order whilst at the same time planning this years budget which will hopefully do two things –

1 – make sure we do not overspend on unnecessary or impulse buys which might then be wasted or unused (food, clothes, resources etc) as I do hate waste


2 – help us to save more to be able to decorate and revamp the house and put aside some of our earnings for the future or maybe even a luxury spa weekend.

One of the worst things about being too busy is that the house becomes a dumping ground and I tend to spend more money on ready meals or stock up the fridge and then have to throw out unused food because I didn’t get chance to cook the meals I had planned.

At this time of year I usually try to have a spend free January to make up for the overspent December!  And this year will be no different.   I collect together all the vouchers and reward points I have accumulated to put towards any necessary shopping as well as using up everything that is in my cupboards – a kind of shopping at home.  I try to put menus together using items from both the freezer and store cupboard buying only a few additional items such as fresh veg and dairy.

Given the huge mountain of chocolates and biscuits we received for Christmas this year I don’t expect to be buying these again for a long while!

I am looking forward to getting started as I always feel much better when everything is in its place and life has a steady routine but there again the other part of me likes spontaneity and surprise – just like I would never have a Sat Nav as I like getting lost and finding new places!

Better get those decorations to the loft and that will be one item off the list.


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